Goodwood Standard Smooth Dachshunds
hunting / working /performance / breeding stock

"Breeding with HEART and SCIENCE."
(and mentoring others to do the same.)

Thinking of a dachshund puppy?  Read this first.

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 Litter Due Oct 15th (ish)

Dolly / Rance

Louisiana: wires and smooths
Backwoods Dachshunds


Indiana: smooths
Browns Dachshunds 


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How do I place puppies?

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Past Litters 
(See what goes into having a litter.)

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A revealing email
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Some factoids about (my) dachshunds

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If are thinking of asking me for breeding animals or stud service

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What I look for in an owner,
what you get as a puppy home.

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Are you looking for a standard smooth dachshund in your area? I can help!

Contact me and I will help you find a pup to love.


For  American breeders of other sizes and coats please visit the DCA site or the NMDC site.
For European breeders of other sizes and coats, I can help there.


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Dr. Cheryl Lopate  is my theriogenologist.
She's the Best in the West.

Pat Hastings of Dogfolk for Stuctural Evaluations

Jac Harbor of Tudorose Poodles for Temperament Evaluations

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