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Some emails from satisfied owners
or: "How You Need to Feel About Hunting to Enjoy One of My Dogs."

Do you ever get tired of owners being excited about their dogs?  I figured I should keep this one off Facebook since it involves death and I've already proven myself as a cruel dog owner. ;)
Maxi is still recovering and restricted to Yard Duty, so Miss Elsa and I walked on the trail alone.
First, I bumped a bunny and she had mild interest.
A minute later we tallied a bunny and she thought, "hey...this is interesting".
A few minutes later she disappeared in a bramble and drug out a DEAD bunny.  She had this sort of primal attitude that she would rip my throat out if I tried to take the carcass away.  Good girl!  Thankfully it was fresh kill but the coyotes took the meat.  Elsa enjoyed the fuzz left behind and brought home a souvenir for Maxi. make fun puppies. :)


So we found a great vet today...

 I took the pups for a checkup. There was a whiskey barrel in the lobby. It had a hole in it.

Milla goes inside and there is a HUGE scuffle and Milla starts her baying. (I was trying to check in and it's right next to check in.) I pull her out and out run 2 cats. She is carrying on and three people run out from the back!

 The vet was awesome!  Her parents are German. They used to hunt fox with their dachshunds. They bred dachshunds since she was 5. (Her 83-year old mother still has a breeding pair.). She said, "I heard the noise and knew immediately it was a dachshund and what happened."  So cool.

 I thought she'd give me the city vet's lecture on an non-neutured male but (here's the part for you) she said Sport was very handsome and had good conformation and could see why he is intact!! Woo-who!  She said she'd breed him. So there you go, more talk of Claire Mancha's awesomeness!!!!

 Her dachshund went into a coyote den and had to be "put back together" (her throat was ripped out) and there wasn't a part of her that wasn't mauled. How awful!  The vet said sHe survived because she a dachshund. The vet said her husband had the dog out for a run and she was following her nose.




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