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I get asked to provide "husbands" or "wives" or stud service occasionally,
and though I try to explain my views, I know there are those who think differently.
Here are a few emails I have received.  My responses show how I view breeding.

Q. Hi Claire,
Do you still have Mr. Brown?
We have a very sweet red sable standard dachshund, Ruby Rachelle, that weighs 22 pounds. Ruby is 1 and 1/2 years old. We used to breed standards years ago and want to again.
Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. X

A. Hello! 
Mr. Brown is not of breeding caliber, sorry!  He needs to be sold to a pet home only. 
Best of luck! 

They wrote back:
Hi again Claire,
We want to breed sweet pet quality standard dachshunds. We do not want to show. I am sick of the puppy mills and the quality of dogs that they produce. We just want to breed our pets. Do you have a suggestion as to where we can locate a sweet standard male?
Mr. and Mrs. X

A. Well, you are probably asking the wrong person about breeding.  As a I am what I would consider a "serious" breeder, I have a code of ethics which I am under self policed obligation to follow.
I show my dogs in 3 competitive arenas: show-ring, field trials and earthdog.  I also spend hours with them in the fields getting them in the best physical condition I can.  I spend fortunes on them at the vet and I spend my days with them getting to know them.
My July 2009 litters cost me over $8500 in vet fees, stud fees, shipping, storage, C section and food and vet for the puppies from birth to 20 weeks which is where I am now.   I actually broke even this time!  Don't ask me how because I usually end up way in the red.
I don't breed for money.  I don't breed to supply a demand.  I breed because I love the breed, I have a goal to which I aspire in my breeding program, and my ultimate goal is the absolute betterment of the breed, as I see it.
In every litter I have there are pets and there are animals I will go forward with.  Outstanding owners are hard to come by and I will take no less for the dogs I breed. 
If you breed your bitch to any old male that someone finally sells to you, how do you know they are good enough to mate if you don't have a neutral 3rd party who judges your dogs?  In my case, the AKC, the UKC, and the NATC.  How do you know if they even compliment each other and will make healthy puppies?  How do you know you are actually producing an animal worthy of being born?
So here you come along with your "darling pet puppies" that are genetic mysteries, with no health screening of the parents, no idea of the history of the lines, no in depth knowledge of the breed and its capabilities.  You sell these puppies to people and you might even make a profit as you use your own bitch and sire and probably don't pay much in vet bills.  (Just guessing).  If you sell a puppy bitch to someone who feels as you do and wants to breed too, then there are 2 more backyard breeders making the same sorts of puppies.  For what?  Money?  To satisfy the demand?  For the fun of it?  For the miracle of life?  I'm not sure of your motivation.
Say you actually do deliver your litter, your bitch lives and your puppies make it to 12 weeks.  Your puppies are taking the owners that might be sold outstanding puppies by serious breeders for the same price.  This is not a popular breed.  There aren't a lot of really great owners to go around.  I'm not about to help someone breed willy-nilly.  I know that the standard breeders are exceptionally protective of their genetic lines.  If you do find someone to sell you a male without a spay and neuter contract, then I would be pretty certain that male is not of the quality that should be used in a breeding program.
I understand your desire to breed.  I really do.  I love it myself.
HOWEVER, I have the time, the money and the knowledge to do a really good job.  I have a lot of offer my breed.
I am also more than happy to help people become knowledgeable about the breed, to mentor you in how to show, how to compete and how to know what to look for.  Down the road, when you have paid your dues, I would even GIVE you a really good bitch with the understanding that you would breed her when the time came.  However, the bitch would have to be shown to her field or bench championship, and bred at 3 years of age to a male of my choosing.  I always have a contract and my brother the lawyer writes them so they are enforceable.
This is how important breeding is to me.  It is a sacred calling that must be done by only those with skill, knowledge, time and cash money.  It is VERY expensive.  There is a LOT of heartbreak, and I'm not about to open the doors to the sort of breeding which has produced so many shelter dogs.
Who bred your bitch?  Does she have a registered name?  Was she sold on a spay neuter contract?  I'm guessing she might not even be a standard.  I can't imagine a standard breeder that would allow a puppy bitch of theirs to go to a home without any kind of supervision or contract.
I don't mean to belittle of your dream of breeding.  BUT... I don't play around with genes lightly and I won't help anyone else do it either.
If you want to really breed well and pay your dues, I have lots of breeder friends who would be more than happy to help you learn.  There is a very good club in the Seattle area to which you will want to apply should you decide this is the road you wish to travel.
Wishing you only the best,
Claire L Mancha
Goodwood Standard Smoothes

In September of 2012 I received this email:

Hello, Claire.

My name is Nxxx. I live in Indianapolis, IN with my 4 year old female standard size silver dapple dachshund. She comes into my life when she was 6 weeks old and ever since she has been my best companion.
I want her to have at least one litter in her life and I am still looking for a male dachs who can give her healthy pups. For some reasons what I could find in my area were all either minuature or tweeney.

My dachs is pure bred but the person who sold her to me failed to provide father side of paperwork; thus, she is not registered. I would liek her to have at least one litter in her life.

Could you please let me know if you can possibly help me out?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

To which I replied:

There is no reason to breed your bitch. She could die, all the puppies could die. It's not an easy process by any means.
There is also no physical / emotional need for a bitch to have puppies.
Every season she has is an invitation to pathology. Please just enjoy your girl for the great dog she is.
Spaying her will help her live a longer, cancer free life.
: )

I received this email in return:

Thanks for your totally NEGATIVE unbelievably inhuman reply. I suppose you must be a person who's happy to get your uterus removed or breasts removed as soon as you find out the risk of cancer is over 40% or whatsoever. If there's no reason to breed, what's life? Don't you have a family? Your dachs are just money making merchandise to you? I don't understand.
Go ahead and remove everything in your body that may turn cancerous!
Maybe you were having a bad day........very bad day...

So, I answered her back:

OK, let me put it this way.
No, I will not help you breed your unpapered, untitled bitch. She may or may not have something to offer the breed, but you have done nothing in 4 years to prove it.
All my dogs carry titles which show that they have certain capabilities. I have put countless hours in training, exhibiting, competing, and searching for genetic material, often going overseas to get dogs that are carrying the code for what I need in my line. I have poured cash like blood into this "hobby" and it has not been to help "reproducers" make puppies.
Making pets is not what I do. My goal is to breed dogs which can be used in real hunting situations. I don't make a dime off my dogs. You don't make money at this if you are doing it "right."
There is a page on my website which echoes what I told you. Your email will be going up there as well.
And actually, I waited until I did have cancer to have my uterus taken out.
: )

More as I receive them!

What I look for in an owner, what you get as a puppy home.


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