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map of a dachshund brain

So True!!!
(From the genius mind of Terry Pond)


Puppy Information



Back when I bred American dachshunds......

5 generations of dachshunds in a row

5 generations in a row!

L to R: Charlene Owens with Ch Lil Passion's Destiny V Joy-Den

Dave Niebur with DC Niebur's Moon Shadow ROMX

Claire Mancha with DC Niebur's June Honeymoon ME SHH CGC VC

Reis Wilbanks with DC Goodwood's Milo

Kathy Lockyer with (now) champions Lockshire Tara's Miss Scarlett SS and  Lockshire Tara's Master Rhett SS



My specialists!  I love my team!

Dr. Paul Fahlman - my go to vet

Dr. Cheryl Lopate - theriogenologist

Dr. Randi Brannan - veterinary dentist  (Yes!  Read this about your pet's teeth!)

Dr. Terese DeManuelle - veterinary dermatologist

Dr. Dennis O'Brien - chiropractor

Pat Hastings - puppy evaluator


Kids and dogs!


What is a title?


The Goodwood Trophy


About Neutering


Your pet needs dental care (thank you Emily)


Doggy articles I have written


Links to working (hunting) dachshund kennels and articles about hunting with your dachshund.


One of my biggest heroes!  A falconer and a dachshund woman.
Read an article about her here.


Thinking of buying a puppy?

How to tell if a breeder is worthy of your patronage....


Worried about dog food recalls?

Why I feed raw........


Why a muzzle is a GOOD thing!
Every dog should be muzzle trained.


A good animal defense group...

The National Animal Interest Alliance


The most amazing custom dog gear


Past Litters


My first European dachshund

Genny        Qua-Linea Genlis, JA 


My first real brood bitch:

Pixie    Champion Sausage Stables Cedar SS    



black and tan standard dachshund puppy

My American  dogs



standard smooth dachshund 6 months old

My 1/2 and 1/2 dogs (1/2 American 1/2 European)



Dogs at the bridge:

Bridey      Dual Champion Niebur's June Honeymoon ME, SHH, CGC  (VC)    


Scout        Dual Champion Goodwood's Scout's Honor    AOM Eukanuba 2007  


Kadenz    Dual Champion Riverview's V SS Kadenz SS, SE (ME1), HH, CGC (VC)   


Fun stuff....

We had a snow day!!!

2007 Year of the Teeth

Funny dog pics

Dog show pics


Earthdog related:


The tunnels go underground

Earthdog practice

Earthdog training tips

Pictures of Earthdog dig day at Turner OR

Pictures of the Earthdog tests Spring 2006


Some of my favorite sites....

Sculptor and jewelry maker Joy Beckner

A GREAT site on structure and movement of a Dachshund

How much to feed your dog, a raw diet calculator

Suzanne Clothier: Learn from this woman!!!

Celadon Financial, this is a great home page!



Bridey and Claire

Yours truly and Bridey


feeding dachshunds

Dinner time!!  Oh boy!!!

Are you looking for a dachshund? I can help!

Contact me at


black and tan dachshund animation

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