Goodwood Standard Smooth Dachshunds

Be wise!!!  Don't buy from pet stores no matter how desperate you are for a dachshund.  Pet stores buy their puppies from breeders who don't care where the pups end up.  These "reproducers"  hurt the breed through their ignorance even though they may have good intentions.  Please help us keep our breed strong and healthy.

The following are sure signs that your breeder is one in which you can have confidence.  The more of these you can check off, the better the odds are that you will be getting a quality puppy from a dedicated breeder.

1. Will take lots of time asking you questions regarding your living situation in regards to puppy suitability.  May make a home visit if you live close.  Might ask for references.

2. Is more interested in if you are right for the puppy rather than your wallet.

3. Will recommend a different breed if it will fit your lifestyle better.

4. Will always have a contract.  This contract will spell out your and the breeder's responsibilities toward the dog.

5. S/he will be up front with the health risks / issues which accompany the breed.  (Each breed has them)

6. DOES things with his/her dogs.  Either shows them, or hunts them, or does some type of activity with her dogs. 

7. Clean facilities and clean animals.  The dogs must have room to exercise.  They are well fed with premium foods.  This breeder welcomes you to come visit his/her facilities.
Dachshunds are not really a good candidate for kennels.  They are a family dog.  Too many dogs means not a lot of time with each dog. 

8. Welcomes  and encourages your questions, now and always.  Will maintain a relationship with you and your pup for the rest of its life.

9. Will insist that the dog be returned to him/her if your situation changes and you are not able to keep the dog.  The dog NEVER  goes to a shelter.

10. You feel a bond with this person.  You might as well get along as you are going to have a relationship with this breeder for the life of the dog.


If you think these are good traits, then you will be as good an owner as we can hope for.



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