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(or... how to pay twice as much for your everyday food!)

Chickens 2012: Heartbreaking news.  Clackamas county received a complaint that my chickens were bothering the neighbors.  As they must be kept 100 feet from my neighbors this means I would have had to confine them.  I want them to roam freely, so I gave my flock away. 

Chickens 2004 We have Silver Laced Wyandotte chickens for egg production. We have 6 hens and the deadly shin spurring rooster, Kong. 


Chickens 2006 New set of peeps this year...  No roosters!


Chickens 2007: 5 new (girls?)  Leghorns for white eggs.


Chickens 2010:  21 new birds!!! Lots of unusual varieties.


Guinea fowl 2005 for insect control, guard services and meat:  These birds of African origin are to satisfy a childhood dinner table memory.


Rabbits 2004: New Zealand White rabbits which are for meat production.  We have 2 does and a buck.


Rabbits 2006: New babies, new does!


Bees for pollination and honey:  I've wanted to keep bees forever, but now that I have the room I have my first hive.


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