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Fall bee inspection 2006

The robbery 7/06

Honey Bee Update 8/28/05

These are Italian honey bees.  I just got them this spring of 2005, so I don't think I'll get a honey harvest until next summer.  They are very cool!  I got stung twice the 1st day, once the 2nd day, and none since I learned how to use my smoker properly.

One frame box, bees just installed 1 week ago.


3 months later, inspecting my honey super. There are now 2 brood chambers, a queen separator and the 10 frame honey super.  Not much going on there unfortunately.  Good thing I do this for the bees and not the honey!

Notice the elegant head wear!  I got stung on the head 3 times as some bees decided to have a party in my hair.  That lead to my new shower cap fashions while working the hive.  And, of course, my signature rubber gloves.




My little creatures!


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