Goodwood Standard Smoothes
standard smooth hunting dachshund puppies for sale HUNTING DACHSHUNDS

FYI, some AKC show breeders are selling their dachshunds
(mostly wires from what I hear)
to hunters and trackers.  Do your research first.
The American show dachshund is too long, too low and too heavy.
to be of much use in the fields and forests for any amount of time.

For more information on blood tracking dachshunds
your best resources are the
wonderful blog by John and Jolanta Jeanneney,
The United Blood Trackers,  and Deer Search, Inc.

(Although they are heavy wire advocates, they cannot deny the smoothes!)

Standard Smooth Working Dogs
Our journey in breeding blood trailing dogs.


The Franka / Jasper litter should be of great interest to
those wishing a blood tracking dachshund.
Please email me for information.


Tristan / Francis litter

Purple (Tilly) is in MN with an ardent bow hunter.
She will be tracking in northern MN soon.


black and tan dachshund animation

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