Honeybee Update 8/28/05

Medicating for American Foulbrood and Varoa mites.


 I am medicating my bees now so they will hopefully survive the winter.  These 2 enemies of bees are really taking their toll on the American bees.  It is hard to find a cure, because you are trying to kill a bug on a bug...

Anyway, here I am wearing a veil and the whole suit.  I got stung last time all over my head and back, and frankly, I'm done with that.  In the fall, these guys are testier.


Step one:  smoke, smoke, smoke!


Step two: separate the boxes...These guys are heavy.  They are full of honey for the bees to eat this winter.


Step three: more smoke.  So far they are being quite sweet... They are busy at work.

Once I sprinkled the medication mixed with powdered sugar on there, all Hell broke loose.  My photographer flew the coop so to speak.  So.. I'll leave that part of it to your imagination.


Step 4: put everything back together, and calmly leave the area.  The bees don't follow me too far.  I'm NOT stung!!!


Step 5: Strip!  Man it's hot in that plastic suit!!!  But, I must admit, so worth it.

I get to do this once a week for a few more weeks.


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