Christmas at Goodwood

Christmas Trees and other Decorations


2008's decorations


I started looking for light up plastic Santas last year.

  I am up to 6 now.

Santas during the day.... 


Santas during the night!


I started looking for vintage Christmas Stockings when I discovered them
through Harriet Hatch of Vancouver WA. 
Most of them are made in Japan post war.  They are so cute!


I have too many now for my one and only bannister. 
I'd better put a 2nd story on the house...



I am making trees which show off my collections now after
doing the same one year after year.

Here are a few of my creations....


I love Pixies!  Here is a whole tree devoted to them. 
I got the idea from Harriet Hatch, the queen of Halloween in Vancouver, WA. 
I also collect vintage tree skirts.  This one is white courduroy with sequined appliques.


A few of the little guys hanging out...


This was one of 2005's trees, sequined ornaments! 
I got most of the ornaments at a thrift store in Canby. 
The hours spent by someone making

 these makes my head spin!

These are smallish trees, I got them from a man thinning out his fields.



A fabulous Russian church and a lantern...




A medley of bells and balls.... and Santa




This is last year's candy tree lit with white lights.


It has to be candy and it has to be plastic!


This tree is done with plastic ornaments and light covers from the 60s. 
I did this one in 2003.  I need a bigger house to do more trees!



Can't get enough of that plastic!


More plastic!  Cute little tabletop tree from the 60s I imagine.



This is one of the nicest trees I have ever done. 
This was 2003's only tree.  I flocked it myself which was a big mistake. 
I also made snow out of Ivory soap flakes and the blender. 
Then, my first use of angel hair to which I am completely addicted now.


Here is one of the 3 aluminum trees I have. 
They are fantastic looking if done right.  I'm not so sure I have the knack yet. 
I got these fabulous paper mache ornaments from JoAnne's this year,
but they aren't really right.  I think plain colored balls would be best.


This particular stand rotates the whole tree.  I also have one which plays music! 
The color wheel is used instead of electric lights. 
Don't want to get electrocuted at Christmas!  (Or any time for that matter.)    


Here is a tree skirt I made as a gift for our local Dachshund club's Christmas gift exchange. 
I'm going to make one for myself next year!

Checking out the layout.  I got the red circle of felt from a thrift store,
as well as the sequined holly leaves and berries.  I made the snowflakes,
the Dachshunds and the bones out of felt. 

Here's Bridey giving her seal of approval.  I had a tarp down so I didn't get glue on the rug.
Bridey!  I miss you!

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