Goodwood Standard Smoothes
A terrific 1st birthday party for the Vela / Odin litter

A huge thank you to Mike and Robbie Courts
(and Schatzi and Picabo)
for being the bravest people alive and inviting
6 dachshunds and their owners into their home.

This is a very peculiar litter as 5 of the 6 pups ended up in the Puyallup WA area.

Goodwood Dachshunds litter party

The lovely, lovely yearlings, sire, dam and humans.
We look good!!!

No party is complete without games.
Here we see the ladies' heat of a race!
Mom (Vela) wins!

Goodwood Dachshunds litter party

L to R: Thora, Vela, Archie?, Picabo, Schatzi.
Great shot!


black and tan dachshund animation

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